Monday, October 3, 2011


( smh @ The Associated Press slapping their thing on this )

For the purpose of my Autumn goal of eating nintey percent of my meals according to federal guidelines, I've done a bit of rounding. I have started with ten percent, and will be increasing by ten percent ever week through Thanksgiving. Ten percent of twenty-one isn't a round number, so I just made:

Week 1: Two meals according to the My Plate graphic
Week 2: Four meals according to the My Plate graphic
Week 3: Six meals according to the My Plate graphic

...after which I will be getting more detailed in my goals, fretting over serving sizes and the colors of vegetables and all that. I'll post more about that as the weeks pass.

Now let's talk about Week 1. It was crap. I barely squeezed in my goal, and even that was only because I realized that I hadn't started the goal week until a Monday, which allowed me to use Sunday to eat my second My Plate meal.

This is the first one:

After the photo was taken, I combined most of this into a sandwich. I ate this meal on Saturday afternoon. I suspect that when I get deeper into serving sizes and such I will find out that I missed the mark by a mile on this one.

Here is the second one:

This was Sunday afternoon. Tuna, mixed veggies and brown rice. Not pictured are the grapes I ate for dessert and the milk I drank.

So Week 1 was successful. For simplicity's sake I am going to move to a Sunday-Saturday week this week, which makes my window for success smaller, but will also make things less confusing in the future.

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