Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Final Week: RIP Patrice O'Neal.

In my Week 4 entry, I talked about Patrice O'Neal, one of my favorite comedians, and about how I learned that he'd had a stroke. I also said that I'd learned about Patrice's stroke while eating a disgustingly large and delicious plate of nachos. Patrice was in a coma for a month, until today, when he died.

I have not met any of my health-related goals during this class. I have honestly not put forth much effort. I hope that I have not made excuses for my behavior. I hope that I have only explained it. I know that I am eating better than before, and that I am still moving in the right direction, but I also know that the pace at which I am moving is not enough to keep up with the damage that I'm doing to my body in the meantime.

I have spent most of the last three semesters completely off balance in nearly every aspect of my life, putting our fires instead of preventing them. I feel like I am fending off things that come my way instead of influencing anything. In some small way, I believe that my small victories in adjusting my diet this semester have been significant in the grand scheme of things. The desire to improve is still in me, but I have a difficult time planning in everything, meaning that areas which feel less immediate get pushed to the back. Unfortunately, my diet falls in that "less immediate" category.

This is my last semester with Volunteer State Community College, and over the course of three years I have been required to take three health classes. This is the only semester in which I have made any real progress in my health, even if that progress is minimal. I doubt that any number of classes could fix my behaviors. Between semesters, I hope to have more time to plan and develop routines. I can't make myself any promises. 

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