Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 7: The vast majority of my dinners have been meat-free in the last two weeks.

This does not mean that my vegetable intake has necessarily been adhering to Sometimes it simply means that there has been no meat. Take the photo above, for example. Those are stuffed jumbo shells from a veggie recipe on All Recipes. However, the only vegetables in the final dish were mushrooms. Most of the dinners, though, have had tons of vegetables. One dinner was almost all leafy greens in a salad that was delicious.

Now that I have managed to eliminate much of my meat intake and learned to spend more time in the kitchen preparing food that is aligned with my dietary wishes, as opposed to just grabbing whatever and knowing that I'm not eating like a really want to eat, I can start paying better attention to serving sizes and such and planning  to hit My Plate vegetable goals. I expect my next entry will be about working on that. 

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